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They're not Nabe Shogun...
They're... Emperors!


*is in the manga section of the bookshop* *sees another person* HAHA! what a nerd

"Brats like rain, storms, typhoons and all that kind of stuff."


Nope still not over the fact that manga!Kamui has purple-colored eyes wwww


He will definitely come back, staggering and spewing all over the place. If there's nobody left on this planet at that time, who'll put a blanket on that idiot when he passes out drunk?

requested by reverokameorih

Aren’t you supposed to be Sakata Gintoki? The man who’s let so much slip away, who’s failed to protect so much, but swore that he would never run away from his responsibilities! Didn’t you promise her husband?! Once you’ve decided to protect something, you’ll protect it to the very end! Isn’t that what makes you Sakata Gintoki?!

So what if Otose-san’s life was in danger?! That isn’t enough to kill Otose-san off! It isn’t enough to kill us off! It isn’t enough to kill you off! Because you’re going to protect us! Because we’re going to protect you! Isn’t that what Yorozuya is about? Isn’t that how the three of us protected so much over the years?