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I wiiiill!! Thank you, I promise to do my very best! (´;ω;`)

Upcoming hiatus!

How come this always happens in spring?

Okay, straight to the point. I’ll be on a short hiatus from this day to around 11.5.2014. Mostly because Cosvision is getting closer and closer and I’m honestly more nervous than ever, I need to finish my costume and school is being a total pain. I’ve been slacking off because this has been a real spring of surprises; There is simply so much to do and think right now.

Summer is coming, it’s time to work diligently! If everything goes well, I’m going to post a preview picture of Satsuki before the contest, and that’s where I’m aiming. ♥

And you! I love you all and everyone has been so nice! ( ; _ ; ) And by nice I mean real sweethearts. 


Everyone, keep up the good work with whatever you may be doing! Lots of love to you!

See ya all soon!

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What doesn’t kill me should’ve tried harder

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Yorozuya + Shinsengumi + this dork Katsura

❝You think it’s cool to hate things. And it’s not. It’s boring. Talk about what you love and keep quiet about what you don’t.❞

—Liberal Arts (via petrichour)
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Five Things You’d Put in a Pentagram to Summon Me



Your move, followers. What items do you use to bring me forth? 

lol im curious

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